We are based in the Tiong Bahru area and offer quality tuition.

Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

With small group classes, your child will get the attention that they deserve. Small groups allow the qualified teachers to vary their pedagogy to suit the needs of individuals within the class.
Some students grasp concepts quickly and need to be challenged. For others, they need a bit more support and more time. With small groups and expert teachers, we can customize lessons to the individuals needs of your child. They no longer have to put up with having a mediocre lesson taught to large classes on a concept they already know.

Individualized, Customized Learning Plans

Small Group Classes Gives Your Child The Attention They Deserve

As a guideline we keep our classes at a maximum of 6 students with an absolute maximum of 8 students. Smaller classes leads to more attention for your child. This leads to faster progress. All teachers employed by Spring Ahead Education Centre are trained teachers. However, being qualified by the Ministry of Education in Singapore is not enough for us. The teachers we employ have that X-factor. They have a passion for teaching and are thus able to motivate and engage students. On top of that, we allow our teachers to specialize. This means that if a teacher has a genuine passion for teaching P3 Maths, we allow them to do this. They can focus their talents on what they are best at.
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